Ernesto Tamayo

  • Conflict Management Strategies

    by - May 9, 2013
    Here’s a short video – Enjoy!...Read More
  • Ethics Week May 5th – May 11th

    by - May 8, 2013
    This week is Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. It’s a week long event usually during the first week of May, and is used by organizations to highlight the importance of ethics in the workplace. Now, I’m...
  • “Dollar General Serving Others”

    by - May 7, 2013
    Employers, Recruiters, Hiring Managers…I cannot stress how much I hope you take a few minutes of your day to watch this video. I saw a short video on Youtube this morning of Mark Schmit, Executive Director...
  • Beware Of The Scam Artist Looking To Hire You.

    by - May 3, 2013
    Every so often, I go into my spam inbox just to check and see what I have gotten and to make sure that no important e-mails have accidentally landed in my spam box. Today was no...
  • HR & Guns

    by - Apr 27, 2013
    Recently i joined up with an Army Reserve Human Resources Company, turns out my first drill happens to be qualifying weekend…so here I am somewhere in mountains of West Virginia enjoying some quality range time. HR...
  • Recent Form I-9 Revision – Webinars & PDF

    by - Apr 25, 2013
    On March 8th, 2013, the USCIS released an updated version of its Form I-9 to be used by employers. All employers are required to complete a Form I-9 for each employee hired in the US. Employers...
  • Retail Recruiting

    by - Apr 21, 2013
    “You should work in retail!” Is my new go-to line at the end of all interviews. – Johnny Jobs ‏@HR_Said_What Somehow, I get the feeling “Johnny” was referring to the great characteristics most candidates who apply for...
  • Job Analysis’ 101

    by - Apr 17, 2013
    Is your company or organization looking to re-structure their pay or benefits (especially with the recent economic changes) below you’ll find a knitty gritty overview to get you started in the process, a general job analysis...
  • Job Search Websites

    by - Mar 12, 2013
    For those of you who may be looking to change employers or maybe even careers, below is a list of websites that can help you along your job search. If you know of any that haven’t...
  • What Is Sexual Harassment and How Does It Affect Your Workplace?

    by - Mar 8, 2013
    The EEOC has defined Sexual Harassment as “unlawful employment discrimination” per Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964. The EEOC goes on to further describe the behavior that constitutes sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual...