Federal HR Project Podcast Episode 002 – We Do Care About The “Crazies” in Our Workplaces

Two events led me to reflect on today’s episode topic – are we as practitioners prepared to effectively cope with the stress that comes from dealing with employee mental health issues in the workplace?

The two events which led me to think about the topic were the Aurora, Illinois shooting at the Henry Pratt Company, in which five employees lost their lives, and a blog post by Katrina Kibben published on her blog: “No One Cares About Crazy People (At Work).” Link: https://katrinakibben.com/2019/02/19/no-one-cares-about-crazy-people-at-work/.

In the episode, I detail my own experiences seeing the impact current workplace violence trends had a managers at a federal agency who suspected their employee had mental health issues and would not bring themselves to take a personnel action for fear the employee would harm them.

In the discussion I ask, are HR professionals or supervisors/managers effectively prepared to have to deal with the reality of employees who suffer from mental health issues, or perhaps worse, are they prepared to have to deal with actual workplace violence situations. Perhaps it’s not just the “crazies” at work who need treatment and/or training to deal with their medical/mental health conditions; maybe we all need a little help in that area.

Please share your stories, anecdotes, and feedback with me at: etamayo@fedhrproject.com.

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