MSPB Chairman’s Departure Results in a Loss of Board Quorum

merit-systems-protection-board-bldgThe Merit Systems Protection Board issued a press release yesterday announcing the departure of Chairman Susan Tsui effective 7 January 2017. Chairman Tsui has served on the board since her appointment in 2009, and has been serving in a holdover capacity since the expiration of her term back in March 2016.

Due to Chairman Tsui’s departure, and because there is already an existing vacancy on the board, there will be a resulting loss of Board quorum. Therefore, the board will not be able to act on any petition for review until a quorum is restored by the nomination and confirmation of at least one new member.

Parties may still file petitions for review by the MSPB board, but until a quorum is restored, parties may also exercise their right to appeal directly to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, another U.S. court of appeals, or a U.S. district court.

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