Failure is OK

Failure is OK

If you’ve ever met anyone who was more conscious of his limits…it’s me! To be honest…sometimes I set my own limits out of sheer laziness…hey, we all have our moments. Yet, one of the things that I’m proud of is being able to push past my own limits to discover new achievements and personal goals. I’ve also had my fair share of spectacular failures, and that’s okay too. We all need to be able to know what we’re capable of, and it’s the failures and setbacks that I’ve had which have taught me the most in life.

Some of you know that I recently started new employment, and so I added (or replaced) something else to an already packed workload. Needless to say, I’m only human…and I needed to offload some of my work projects in order to excel in specific areas as opposed to putting in a mediocre effort in all the areas I was juggling. Am I disappointed? Yes and no, I’m disappointed because I’ve chosen to offload my degree coursework, but in reality, it’s not really offloading, but rather a temporary postponement. I’m okay with the decision though, these setbacks are learning experiences. I’ve gone through various semesters and my organizational processes continue to change and evolve as I continuously learn to juggle life. This postponement won’t be any different, and I’ll learn to better adapt myself to my new working conditions.

Long story short, although completing achievements and goals may have a great effect on our own self-worth, it’s our failures and setbacks that add the most value to our self-awareness. Analyze your processes, identify your areas of opportunities, formulate a new game plan…and then go for it! Don’t be afraid of having to try time and time again, the resilience that you build during your flops will make you much stronger in the long-run. In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald: “In any case you mustn’t confuse a single failure with a final defeat.”

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