Suicide Awareness in the Workplace

Tonight I received word that yet another fellow soldier has taken his life. Spc. Adam Richardson, committed suicide today, for reasons unknown to me at this point in time. Richardson, was a part of my old National Guard unit in Frederick, MD, he had come in about the same time that I was leaving the unit back in 2011. Richardson had deployed with Alpha Co. 1-175th INF in 2011 during their peace-keeping mission to the Sinai region near Egypt.
Since the unit’s return back from a deployment to Iraq in 2008 (where no soldiers were lost in combat operations during an 8-month tour in the Northern part of the country), Richardson now becomes the 3rd soldier to be lost to suicide.
I’ll end this short post here, with a heavy heart. Alpha Company you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Leaders please keep an eye on your soldiers, you never know who’s life you might save.

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