2014 Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week May 4th – May 10th

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Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week begins today and runs through Friday May 10th. CCEW is usually held during the first week of May every year and is an opportunity for organizations to highlight the importance of and renew their members commitments to ethical behavior in the workplace.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to discuss ethics and organizational culture with some fellow soldiers, without too much detail, the consensus among us was that cultural changes need to be top driven in order to effectively change the mindset of an organization. Building an ethical environment in your workplace should begin with leaders at the top and roll down to the rest of the members. It doesn’t suffice to just get employees to agree to ethical behaviors, leaders should inspire their teams to hold themselves to a higher standard.

If your organization is going to take the opportunity to highlight the importance of compliance and ethics during this week, make sure that it’s done through meaningful engagement…sorry to be the bearer of bad news…but meaningful engagement doesn’t mean an ethics crossword puzzle.

How are you building compliance and ethics awareness where you work?

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