Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

I had the opportunity to catch Lone Survivor at the movies this weekend. The movie is a film rendition of the book by Marcus Luttrell; that describes the ordeal endured by four Navy Seal team members during a failed reconnaissance mission (Operation Redwings) in Afghanistan. Luttrell was the lone survivor of the group. The actual mission led to the largest lost of life in Navy Seal history.

As for the movie itself, well needless to say; the movie is definitely a guy’s movie with all of the action scenes, guns blazing, and explosions; it was easy for me to get into. Mark Wahlberg, does well in his lead role portraying Luttrell, although; personally I think that role could have been better portrayed by someone else. I’ll leave that at that since I’m not really a movie critic or anything…just not a major fan of Markie Mark. As for the special effects, the producers did a great job in tying in some of the real live shots with some of the special effects.

What I did like about the movie was the undertones of leadership and camaraderie in the face of adversity. The resilience of these men who faced some of the worst conditions in modern war with courage even when their situation began to turn bleaker as the time progressed. Lastly, it was a great display of the bond between brothers and the lengths they will go to for each other. I definitely recommend this movie to those of you who like this kind of genre.

Any other movies your guys recommend? Holla in the comments!

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