Thanksgiving Week 2013

Maybe it’s me…but I am genuinely excited about Thanksgiving Day…my favorite part is the dinner of course! I can’t wait for some turkey, and stuffing and corn on the cob…and all the other yummies that come along with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I recently lost about 10 pounds over these past three weeks…here’s hoping all my hard work doesn’t go to waste in a day.

So, some of you are going to be enjoying a nice long four day weekend. Some of you, like myself have taken the week off for the holidays. I’m glad I did, since both my twins seem to be coming down with a cold…so they’re moping around in a daze…at least daddy’s home with them. Finally, some of you will be finishing your Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday and heading right in to work to deal with crazed Black Friday shoppers. For those of you who work on commission…it might be a great opportunity to make some extra cash for the holidays…for those of you who don’t…well it’s probably going to suck just as much as all the other Black Fridays you’ve worked.

Personally, I still don’t get it…people get all crazy over deals on merchandise that is probably priced higher than what it will be, come later on in the holiday shopping season. Anyhow…have fun with the madness, but feel free to share any crazy Black Friday stories, rants, raves, etc. with the rest of us.

Black Friday also happens to be my birthday this year…all though I’m still debating whether I want to go out into all the madness on Friday for a b-day gift for myself. If you’re debating whether or not to deal with Black Friday crowds…another alternative could be Small Business Saturday, it’s a great opportunity to get some holiday shopping done while supporting some of the small businesses in your community. You can find a link to a listing of participating small businesses on the SBA website or click the link here.

What do you have lined up for your Thanksgiving week?

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