July 30th, 2013 – The Twin’s First Birthday!

It was about 7PM on July 29, 2012 when my better half (Jess) and I decided to go to the hospital. Jess was about 36 weeks pregnant with our twins and she had leaked some amniotic fluid and hence started to go into labor (or at least we thought she did).

When we finally arrived at the hospital and were seen by the nurses and doctors, we were told it was a false alarm and that Jess was in fact not in labor. We were somewhat relieved at the news while being somewhat disappointed at the same time. We had gotten excited at the possibility of meeting our two new babies, yet I can only imagine giving birth can be a scary ordeal for a first time mom and so Jess and I were relieved that it would have to wait a little bit longer. Jess’ doctor decided that he wanted to keep Jess overnight for observation, and so we began to prepare ourselves for a long night. When we finally got a room, Jess and I decided I would go back to the house to pick up some items we missed in the rush of getting to the hospital, and so I set out at around 11PM or so. When I got back to the hospital at almost 1AM, as I was walking through the door into the room where Jess was, her water broke…and it set off a flurry of activity, nurses coming and going, the anesthesiologist, and of course Jess’ OBGYN.

As they wheeled Jess into the operating room (we had decided on a C-section as the safer alternative for the twins) I couldn’t help but feel scared, nervous, and anxious. Everything was happening so quickly, I didn’t even realize that two hours had already gone by and it was now close to 3AM. When I finally was allowed to go into the operating room to see the birth, I can only describe it as one of the most incredible moments of my life. One by one, first Gabriel and then Juliana, out they came; crying and looking somewhat bluish from the gunk they had on them, and I as I got to finally hold them in my arms, I couldn’t help but revel at the beauty of the moment, it was all very surreal.

The morning of July 30th, 2012 was the day my two precious little bears finally came into my life. It has definitely been an amazing experience, and it’s only been a year…Happy Birthday Gabriel & Juliana!!! – Love Daddy

Julie & Gabriel...just a few days old.

Julie & Gabriel…just a few days old.

Daddy's favorite pic of his two little monkeys.

Daddy’s favorite pic of his two little monkeys.

Bath time!

Bath time!

They grow up so fast!

They grow up so fast!

Gabriel's First Birthday!

Gabriel’s First Birthday!

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