When Your Employees Become “Prima Donna’s”

We all have top performers, and as managers we are appreciative of the efforts they put day in and day out in order to meet and exceed their goals, and at times they either carry their teams or through their competitive spirits drive their teams to excel as well.

When I was working as an area manager previously, I had an employee who was a top performer not only in her particular location but also in my assigned region. As a manager, I was inclined to accommodate her requests (i.e. time off, scheduling, awards, etc.) in order to keep her happy and performing. It wasn’t until it was too late that I realized I had created a prima donna. In the end, in order to be able to maintain my authority as a manager, I didn’t indulge this spoiled employee’s request and ended up allowing them to walk out without the option to return to work.

I know this seems like a pretty vague description and I meant to for it be, the moral of this story is that as managers, you need to be able to balance keeping your top performers happy while also holding them accountable for their actions. Nipping poor behaviors in the bud from the outset will help to ensure that you are keeping your top performers happy and in place, and will allow you to manage without all the distractions.

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