PHR/SPHR What Was Your Experience Like?

Morning Everyone! I know it’s been a few days since my last post, but hey; absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Its been a crazy past couple of days, as evidenced below:

I am excited to be able to share some personal news: as I was literally crawling into bed last night, I did one final check of my email (I don’t know why I do…I never get anything important that late at night) and I was pleasantly surprised to find my ATT (authorization to test) notification from the HRCI.

Over the weekend, I applied to take my PHR exam during the upcoming winter session, and now I get to schedule a date. Needless to say I’m excited, and nervous at the same time. Several of my colleagues have given me advice on what to do to pass my exam, so I need to sift through all their advice and find what works best for me. I’m hoping to be able to write a follow up posting later this year with good news (which means I hope I pass) and if successful my tips and tricks.

For those of you who have taken and passed your PHR/SPHR exam, what was your experience like, and what advice would you give to first time exam taker like myself? I’m looking forward to your comments.

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