A Healthy Work-Life Balance Isn’t A Myth

When I’m away from work I’m pretty much disconnected (for the most part at least), I learned a couple of year’s back that sometimes being too accessible to work can take a toll on you.

If you are constantly taking calls from the office and checking in on emails well past office hours, (a) are you being compensated for it? (b) Are you able to devote attention to other factors in your life i.e. family, school, YOU? And yes, some of you may be salary employees, but is that really an excuse to be working all sorts of ungodly hours a week? For those of you who are non-exempt employees and are working well past your clock out time, whether in the office or at home, you should probably talk to your employer and remind them of the guidelines for paying you for hours worked according to the FLSA. (c) If your employer expects you to stay connected 24/7…do yourself a favor and find a new employer, you will thank yourself for making the decision to jump ship in the long run.

A healthy work life balance is possible, you just have to be committed to yourself to be able to accomplish it. Set “office hours” for yourself and stick to them. If items are not of an urgent nature, it can probably wait till you get back to your office.

If you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day, make sure that you’re doing some internal soul searching and ask yourself, am I managing my time as efficiently as possible? If the answer is yes, well…I can relate, the only thing you can do is trudge along and get as much accomplished as you can within the allotted time. If your answer to the soul search was no…well, you may want to look at what non-essential task or distraction is robbing your time and try to Limit Your Distractions.

Remember, you owe it to yourself to have a healthy balance between work-life and your personal life, make the most of your time!

With that said…here’s the dumbest thing I read over the weekend:


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