My First Father’s Day

Today is my first fathers day…so I’ve been at this for about 10 months now…and here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. After a while you stop trying to warm up the baby wipes when your wiping booties.
  2. After a while…I’ve started to consider myself as a professional diaper changer.
  3. The Walmart brand of diapers holds just as good as that expensive brand (Pampers) for half the price.
  4. Baby food tastes like crap.
  5. Go Diego Go is their favorite show…the songs start to stick after about the umpteenth time you play the same episode for them.
  6. A double-wide stroller isn’t so convenient when you go to the mall.
  7. They grow so fast that you start buying baby clothes a couple of sizes up and figure they’ll grow into it.
  8. You become a jungle gym to be climbed on when it’s playtime.
  9. Putting them down for the night gets harder and harder unless they’re exhausted (Julie’s a fighter though…she’ll sit up in her crib and pass out sitting).
  10. Being a dad is pretty awesome.

At first the thought of being a dad was scary, but as time goes by I couldn’t imagine life without my bears, they are definitely two very awesome characters.

To all the others dads…both new and old…

Happy Father’s Day!


Me, Gabriel & Juliana

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