Terminations Can Be “Eccentric” If Your Ari Gold…Here Are Some Guidelines For The Rest Of Us

Okay…let’s be honest, we’ve all daydreamed about firing someone with flare like Ari Gold from Entourage right?

However, the reality of actually firing someone is a lot different. It’s important to understand that getting fired sucks…big time, so when you do have to give someone the boot, it should be done with as much empathy as possible (don’t mistake empathy with sympathy).

First and foremost, a termination should more often than not, be done in person. Unless you’re a part of a board of directors about to can a CEO, there’s no reason a termination should occur over the phone. An important reminder: because of the sensitivity of the issue at hand, terminations should be done in private.

Secondly, be clear and firm about the reasoning behind the termination. The mantra “most employees fire themselves” may hold true at times, but it is still important that you as the employer help the employee understand why they are being terminated. Remember, a firm statement doesn’t have to be a cold, heartless one, the use of empathy takes an important role at this point.

Finally, be sure to collect any company belongings that may have been issued to the employee: badge, mobile devices, laptops, etc. Be sure to get the employee to sign any necessary paperwork (i.e. change in relationship notices (CA), etc). Now would probably be the most appropriate time to discuss any benefits the employee may be eligible for after the termination and for how long of a period, plus any benefits that your company may pay out to the terminated individual. Be sure to give your employee a point-of-contact (POC) [HR in most cases] should they need to contact someone after their termination.

Reach out to your Human Resources team for any particular specifics on how to conduct terminations for your organization.

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