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Jobseekers…here’s another website that you can add to your job search resources. was brought to my attention by one of the project managers for the organization. According to their site, their job search engine encompasses over 90 countries, and state that their technology scans over 58,000 websites daily. A plus was the mobile version that is offered on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store for users who like to take their searches with them on the go.

Anyhow, I went ahead and decided to check it out. To be fair, the site is very helpful in pulling information regarding job postings from several different sites on the web. Some of the big name sites i noticed included Careerbuilder, and Monster. I also found that this particular site does pull from other sources that may not necessarily be known to the casual job seeker such as, and

One interesting tidbit, is that the site allows you to create an account and upload a resume, however, I didn’t notice the ability for employers to search for resumes posted to the site. Although, it does have a section where employers can advertise their job postings for a pay-per-click fee. The majority of the job post links will re-direct you to the originating site.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as calling the site a one stop shop for job seekers, but it definitely could serve well as addition to your job search resources.

Good luck in your search!


This post was edited from it’s original version to correct the information regarding direct job postings to the site. Users can create an advertiser account allowing them to advertise job postings on a separate site for a pay per click fee.

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