To All The Mothers In My Life…Thank You!


Today is Mother’s Day…and quite frankly, this year it has more meaning than ever for me. Having dealt with my two beautiful twins over these past nine months has helped me to appreciate the challenges of parenthood as I reflect on what has passed and what lies ahead, I can only appreciate my own mother even more.

Growing up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York, raised by my mother and my grandmother, these two beautiful woman showered me with attention and affection (probably the reasons why my cousins say I was spoiled growing up…all I’m saying is that I still KNOW I was our grandmothers favorite…that is all). It was my mother who helped me with my homework in school…and whom I attribute my very neat handwriting to, since she had the habit of tearing up my homework if my handwriting was sloppy or if I had crossed out or made a mess erasing a word or two (at the time…this was a deeply frustrating issue for me…and probably why I still favor using a pencil rather than a pen). It was my grandmother who showed me how to understand the subway map and know which train lines to take to get to different parts of the city…so that by the time I was in middle school, I was exploring the subway system on my own…without getting lost! Finally, reflecting back on my mother & grandmother dealing with all the growing pains I gave them as a teenager…I can only say THANK YOU!

 To all the mothers in my life…my cousins Rose (whose three beautiful children Christopher, Richard, & Natalee are an amazing bunch), Shirley (who gave birth to my beautiful goddaughter Ariana), and Ana (who terrorized my childhood growing up but who has two beautiful children: Briana and Noah; who incidentally looks like a white baby in a Hispanic family)…to my great friends who are mothers: Elsie, Davina, Megan, Felisha, & Dawn…and most importantly, to my better half Jess…who gave me the best gift of all…my bears Gabriel & Juliana…I hope that you feel appreciated and loved this Mother’s Day!




In the picture above is from left to right: my mom, my grandmother holding me, my uncle & my cousin Patzy, as we await my baptism at St. Mary’s Church on the Lower East Side in New York on July 16th, 1983.

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