“Dollar General Serving Others”

Employers, Recruiters, Hiring Managers…I cannot stress how much I hope you take a few minutes of your day to watch this video.

I saw a short video on Youtube this morning of Mark Schmit, Executive Director of the SHRM Foundation talking about the benefits of hiring military veterans. Mark mentioned a video that was made by Dollar General: “Dollar General Serving Others” that discussed veterans in the workplace in more detail, so I decided to check the video out for myself.

I think that Dollar General hit the nail on the head with this video, they discussed everything from the financial benefits of hiring military veterans, to how their knowledge and skill sets enhances an organization. I think some of the best lessons of the video include what employers can do to help their veterans transition into their workplaces and DG executives share some best practices on how to recruit veterans and members of the Guard and Reserve.

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