Beware Of The Scam Artist Looking To Hire You.


Every so often, I go into my spam inbox just to check and see what I have gotten and to make sure that no important e-mails have accidentally landed in my spam box. Today was no different, except for the fact that I found a job offer in my spam box??! Whoa! why didn’t that go directly to my inbox, I would hope that Google would be able to tell that something like a job offer deserves to have a look at, right? Well, not in this case…this particular email has been one that I have seen plenty of times and it unfortunately is one that is being used to prey on the unemployed who are looking for opportunities in a tough job environment.

A couple of things to look for in these spam emails are:

– Is the senders domain an actual company domain?

– Is there a complete job description of the position being offered and if not does the body of the email describe in basic terminology the characteristics of the job the recruiter would like you to apply to?

– In this particular email, the fact that author makes mention that the company offers “special conditions for applicants who own a corporate bank account” is eluding (at least to me) that there is some sort of scheme involved (honestly, how many job descriptions have you seen that mention applicants having a corporate bank account?).

Be sure that you take precautions when reading emails like the one below to ensure that you are not compromising any sensitive personal data to scam artists looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Dear Employment Seeker, what would you say if our company will offer you a job?
Our company is pleased to inform you that there is a vacancy in our new office to be filled. We’re ready to supply you with all the necessary information so you can start right away.
Our company provides individual teaching aids for our employees, this way you get exhaustive knowledge of the field as well as great  compensation packagesthat will help you to bear any charges.
We offer special conditions for applicants who own a corporate bank account.
Make sure that you as an applicant meet the following requirements:
– Self-discipline;
– Excellent English writing skills;
– assidiuousness;
– secondary education
– You are at least 21 years old
Our corporation gurantees you the best working conditions in the sphere, essential experience and knowledge along with excellent social package.

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